Next Try Every Month
30 JDs

My Dream Is
Bigger Than
The ocean

My Philosophy of Investing in the Lottery is Like this:

Think of any investment; you need money to pay to make it work, you need employees, materials, and other expenses, any small business will need at least 5000 JDs per month to stay alive, take 1% of this amount and invest in the lottery, for example if you are thinking in the next 1 billion dollars mobile app (as it is one of my bad investment), how much you will pay to make it successful, minimum of $100,000 and you are in the thinking may or may not be successful, I tried every possible way to be rich, from YouTube video channel to mobile games and apps to authoring a book and working full time, part time or freelance and nothing is worth the hard work I did for it.

Wish Me Luck!

I Wanna Be A Billionaire

The Secret

You Won The Lottery Now What?

I always believed that I will won the lottery, But if I won it what should I do? How should I spend the money? Should I quit my current job? Especially if it is a big prize!

Will as always I read on the internet articles from magazines and web sites that I find on Google, but none of them was good enough for me, and this is my strategy:

1) Big amount of money means big amount of tax, and in Jordan government takes 15% on lottery prizes and in USA goverment takes 38% - 44% Taxes, And this is no problem for me.

2) I work only to play the lottery because I tryed all other working methods with no hope at all, but lottery give me hope that I will be rich one day.

3) Do not do anything before taking 3 months after receiving the money.

4) use the interest of your money an not the base amount, as I play mostly US Power Ball and the initial amount is 40 millions USD and that make me have 12.5 Millions JDs Which its Inerest is 36 Thousands JD and that is good amount to spend monthly who needs more :).

5) Do not spend more than 2% of the amount for any reason that do not come back with more money.

6) Keep playing the lottery but with more amounts but from the interest as I plan to invest in 3500 JD after I win.

This is what I will do and I’m very convinced with this opinion, and I believe the I will win the lottery more than once.

Wish Me Luck!