Using The Law of Attraction, I will Be Rich!
Next Try Everyday
150 JDs

Buy Fishes In

The Sea
Housing Bank For Trade And Finance Saving Account
Time Amount
Daily 10,000 JD
Monthly 100,000 JD
Custom Holidays 200,000 JD
Semi-Annual 1111111 JD
Semi-Annual 1111111 JD

My Philosophy of Working at the Lottery is Like this:

Think of any investment; you need money to pay to make it work, you need employees, materials, and other expenses, any small business will need at least 5000 JDs per month to stay alive, take 1% of this amount and invest in the lottery, for example if you are thinking in the next 1 billion dollars mobile app (as it is one of my bad investment), how much you will pay to make it successful, minimum of $100,000 and you are in the thinking may or may not be successful, I tried every possible way to be rich, from YouTube video channel to mobile games and apps to authoring a book and nothing is worth the hard work I did for it.

Daily I dream of winning the lottery, the Jordanian lottery is hard and not big enough for me, so I looked online for global lottery and I found thelotter.com, but another problem was that credit cards in Jordan do not pay for gambling as they consider lottery playing is gambling while I consider it a business, I managed to find a n international credit card provider who support gambling and I managed to buy my first lines on the lotter, and I know that I will travel to USA to claim my prize for sure, I 'm seeing it for real and it should happen as I'm sure that god hides something big for me!

Wish Me Luck!

I Wanna Be A Billionaire

The Secret

You Won The Lottery Now What?

I always believed that I will won the lottery, But if I won it what should I do? How should I spend the money? Should I quit my current job? Especially if it is a big prize!

Will as always I read on the internet articles from magazines and web sites that I find on Google, and I would like to share the result I reached and it is like this:

1) Big amount of money means big amount of tax, and in Jordan government takes 15% on lottery prizes and in USA goverment takes 38% - 44% Taxes.

2) Whatever the amount of money you won is; you must keep working in your own job at least if you do not want to stay in your old work.

3) Do not do anything before taking 3 months after receiving the money.

4) Do not lose your family because they were beside you when you were poor.

5) Do not spend more than 2% of the amount for any reason that do not come back with more money.

6) Expensive cars means a lot of expensive gas, expensive maintenance and annual expensive registration for the government, and loose 25% of car price after taking it from the car store to your house.

7) if you stick to the second result (you still have a job), Then do not need to save more money just spend the interest you have from your money with your salary and have a better life for you and your family, but be aware I said the interest and not the lottery prize.

8) Keep on playing the lottery with bigger amounts but only from the intreset.

This is what I will do and I’m very convinced with this opinion.

Wish Me Luck!