Lottery described as a tax on fools, but I'm making it with save more and have better chance to win!
Next Try Date
Money Lost
0 JD
Win Amount
Housing Bank For Trade And Finance Saving Account
Time Amount
Daily 10,000 JD
Monthly 100,000 JD
Custom Holidays 200,000 JD
Semi-Annual 1111111 JD
Semi-Annual 1111111 JD
Cairo Amman Bank Saving Account
Time Amount
Monthly 2016 BMW 520i Car
Annual 1,000,000 JD
Jordan Ahli Bank Goushan Al-Omor Saving Account
Time Amount
Monthly 335 Prizes from JD 100 to 1,000 JD
Semi-Annual Villa
Bank Of Jordan Saving Account
Time Amount
Monthly Except 3, 9, 12 25,000 JD
Months 3, 9 (10 Prizes) 5,000 JD
Annual 125,000 JD
Jordan Commercial Bank Saving Account
Time Amount
Every 3 Hours 100 JD
Half Of A Month 500 JD
Monthly 25,000 JD
Wish You Luck!

I Wanna Be A Billionaire

The Secret

What This Web Site Is All About?

Dear Jordanian Visitors,

This web site is only for Jordanian, but the idea can be applied in other countries but you need to look for banks that have prizes for saving accounts.

The idea of making lottery my business is that I looked for every kind of project and freelance work and mobile applications but none of them were a good solution for employees like me.

So the lottery is described as tax on the fools, but as I said in the web site I have the chance to win the lottery by saving money in the Jordanian banks and I'm almost very sure that I will when the more than one prize.

But why lottery is the final and best destination for employees, it is because we do not have a lot of money and any project need money for marketing or renting an office of paying salaries for people to accomplish the work. And all that if you have the chance to find a customer and if you find a customer what is the chance to take a good project from him/her.

So by making some simple calculation and doing my real work looking for freelance and my own project or company I found that the chance to win the lottery is the same and with no hard work all you have to do is keep working in your old job and money will come to you you need just to save money in the Jordanian banks.

And I have listed all the banks and the prizes you may win and how many time you have chance to win the lottery even if it is a small price I will not mind it.

Wish You Luck!

You Won The Lottery Now What?

I always believed that I will won the lottery, But if I won it what should I do? How should I spend the money? Should I quit my current job? Especially if it is a big prize!

Will as always I read on the internet articles from magazines and web sites that I find on Google, and I would like to share the result I reached and it is like this:

1) Big amount of money means big amount of tax, and in Jordan government takes 15% on lottery prizes so if you won the 500,000 JD prize you will pay 75,000 JD as a tax.

2) Whatever the amount of money you won is; you must keep working in your own job at least if you do not want to stay in your old work.

3) Do not do anything before taking 3 months after receiving the money.

4) Do not lose your family because they were beside you when you were poor.

5) Do not spend more than 2% of the amount for any reason that do not come back with more money.

6) Expensive cars means a lot of expensive gas, expensive maintenance and annual expensive registration for the government, and loose 25% of car price after taking it from the car store to your house.

7) if you stick to the second result (you still have a job), Then do not need to save more money just spend the interest you have from your money with your salary and have a better life for you and your family, but be aware I said the interest and not the lottery prize.

8) Do not stop paying for the social security the monthly fees because whatever was the prize amount it will be lost in the end because money is for spending not saving after all we live once only.

I think this is what I will do and I’m very convinced with this opinion.

Wish You Luck!